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2 Raise My Credit Score is dedicated to all your credit needs. Our team of experts raises credit scores an average of 50 points and will help you close more loans.

How can 2 Raise My Credit Score help your business?

First: Your revenue will increase. Since the credit score will no longer be an obstacle, you will be able to close more loans.

Second: You will be able to refinance current clients who were approved with less-than-perfect credit, because the higher credit score will put them in a different rating bracket. They will now qualify for a better program, which will allow you to show them substantial savings on paper.

Third: You will be creating goodwill with your clients by being the person who helped them better their lives. This, in turn, will mean more referrals from them.

Fourth: We will keep in touch with you via email to monitor the progress on your clients’ files. This will enable you to take an active interest in the lives of your clients and position yourself as a true trusted advisor.

Fifth: The mere fact that you will be receiving these emails about your clients will prevent you from forgetting about them and give you the opportunity to follow up if you so choose. Moreover, you will have something to talk about with each client, since both of you will have the same status updates.

How much does your service cost?

Our one time startup fee is as low as $800. We charge no hourly fee. Call for the lowest custom quote and a free credit consultation. There are no hidden fees. This is one of the wisest investments in yourself and your future you can make.

Sometimes clients have charge-off or collection accounts that they want us to settle for them. These settlements are either done with the intention of saving the client money or with the goal of paying in return for an agreement to delete from the creditor.

These services are the only services we charge additional money for, due to the extra amount of work involved in settling accounts.

How long does it take to increase a credit score?

The amount of time needed is different in every circumstance, usually varying between two to six months to remove up to 100% of negative items from a credit report. On average, 2 Raise My Credit Score removes 60% of negative items with a subsequent FICO score increase of 50 points.

What is your money back guarantee?

Our money-back guarantee is easy to understand. We will refund 100% on your borrower's money if we do not remove more than 25% of the negative items from the credit reports of all three major credit bureaus with-in six months of the time we begin work on your borrower's file. For example, if we are able to remove 100% of negative items from two reports, and 20% from the third, your borrower will receive all there money back. There must be four negatives on the report when the retainer agreement is signed for the warranty to apply and neither the borrower, nor a credit repair company acting on their behalf, may have made attempts at credit repair. Unpaid collections and charge-offs do not qualify for the warranty. Client must send in one updated report from each of the three credit bureaus 5 days after receipt.

How long does your service take?

We work on our client's files for 6 months. Dramatic results usually occur within the first 90 days.

Will you get 100% of negative items removed?

We have been successful 100% numerous times. We average between a 60 and 70% success rate at removing negative items from the credit report.

Why do the results differ?

Our firm uses consumer protection laws to the fullest extent on your borrowers behalf. Sometimes credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies provide what the law requires, sometimes they do not. Our firm is completely thorough every time in enforcing your borrower's rights, but credit bureaus, collection agencies and creditors are inconsistent, causing results to vary.

How much will you increase the credit score?

Our average (mean) is 50 points within three months, although we have been successful as 300 points. Although derogatory items on the credit report are a factor, there are many other factors in formulating a credit score. Even if we remove all negative items from a report, a credit score may only increase 40 points due to other factors affecting the score, such as: length of credit history, credit mixture, outstanding balances and number of inquiries.

What items can 2 Raise My Credit Score remove from a report?

Bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, charge-offs, repossessions, medical bills, credit card debt, inquiries, late payments, old addresses, judgments, tax liens and student loans.

What can't you remove?


Will the removed items ever come back?

No, as long as the item is current or paid at the time of removal or the collection is older than three years. This holds true except in very rare circumstances.

What risks will my borrower be taking?

None. The worst we can do is improve the credit and not fulfill our warranty, in which case your borrower will receive a full refund. The best we can do is substantially improve your borrowers credit score and save them up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest.

What risks will I be taking?

None. Best case scenario, you will give your client a loan they never thought possible. Worst case scenario, your client gets there money back with an increased knowledge of how the FICO score works and what they can do in the future to raise their score. Keep in mind that of the thousands of clients that 2 Raise My Credit Score has helped, we have been unable to meet our money-back guarantee a handful of times.

How do I refer business?

First, call the client and ask if you may fax his or her credit report in order to get a free credit evaluation by one of the legal staff.

Then, fax the credit report to us at 650-637-1461. Include a fax cover sheet with contact information for yourself and your client. If you have a contact rep at 2 Raise My Credit Score, send the fax to his or her attention.

Your rep will then call your client to discuss the situation (or, if you specify, call you first) and contact you to discuss the results of our free consultation.

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